Loving on Purpose: Five Things To Stop Doing Now!

Multi-level intimacy, reciprocity and mutual meaning and purpose are three things you can do to create love on purpose in your relationship. While these three things build good relationships there are five practices that can destroy a relationship as they become habits. Relationship researchers tell us that the way you fight is the clearest sign…

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Three Principals for Loving On Purpose!

Hey, welcome back! The last post I started a conversation about conscious loving on purpose. I told you that there were three things you needed to know to be successful in a committed relationship or marriage. In case you missed it or just forgot, first you have to learn the basic principles of successful relationships….

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Are You Ready For Some Conscious, On Purpose Love?

Are you finding that your relationship is defined by pain, bitterness and anger? Are you and your partner so stuck in the negativity of the past and so pessimistic about the future that you often fail to nurture the positive things that happen in the present? Is it becoming difficult to remember why you chose…

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